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June Holiday Camps
We have an amazing selection of camps on offer for the coming mid-year school break. With early drop offs, late pickups, an awesome location and curated partners, we're confident you won't find a better place for your child to spend the summer break.
  • Early drop offs and late pickups
  • Awesome location at Harbourfront Centre
  • Curated partners
Agoda Camp 065-2
Agoda Camp 025-2
Agoda Camp 095-1
Agoda Camp 069-1

Design Camps


Re-imagining Communal Play + Space

Ages 7 to 12

A project-based workshop where children will be Re-imagining Communal Play + Space exploring what makes a playground space fun and memorable. Working in groups, children are encouraged to be creative in their findings as they apply Design Thinking principles...


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Into the Wood: Creative Woodworking Camp

Ages 7 to 12

A creative, hands-on, and fun woodworking holiday camp! Make something new each day and at the end of camp, you will have three wonderfully unique woodwork pieces that are designed and made by you...


Build an Eco-Home

Ages 7 to 12

A workshop that focuses on environmentally sustainable ideas and building features for a house.

The aim is to raise awareness on the need for buildings to be green and sustainable to reduce the negative impact on our environment...

STEM Camps


Tiny Scientists

Ages 7 to 12

A little bit of everything for the curious minds. This camp will cover a range of activities such as: Science, Coding, Sports, Cooking, Inventions, Arts and crafts and many more.

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Doctor for a Week

Ages 5 to 11

Would you like to experience what it's like to be a doctor for a week? Come join Little Medical School Singapore for an inspiring medical holiday camp! Hands-on fun activities for your child to improve in fine and gross motor functions...

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P3 Math & Science Exam-Prep Workshop

Ages 8 to 9 (Primary 3)

Our ONE-OF-A-KIND workshops are tailored to close gaps for the current year to ensure they have a strong start to the new academic year. We leverage our teachers' MOE experiences together with creative ideas to ensure the children learn...

Coding Camps

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Robotics and Race Car Engineering

Ages 8 to 11

This interactive camp harnesses students’ innate creativity, to introduce basic engineering concepts around how various things work - including cars, machines, gears, computers, etc. Students collaborate in a series of progressive hands-on activities...

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Roblox Coding

Ages 8 to 12

Roblox is all the rage among kids and this camp empowers them to create and publish their own Roblox games! It gets their creativity flowing with Roblox Studio, an immersive game engine, and the LUA programming language...

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Young Explorers (Robotics)

Ages 5 to 7

Our young explorers get to understand, appreciate, and interact with computers around them. They program robots and understand how to talk to computers, in age-appropriate computer languages like Blockly or ScratchJr. ...


 Multi-activity Camps

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Vivo Kids Camposaur

Ages 4 to 10

Multi-activity holiday camp combining Sports, Arts and Craft, Robotics, Team Building Games and much more for a holistic and meaningful camp. Held over the local and international school holidays, with over 20 editions of sold out camps...


2-Day Japanese Cultural Camp

Ages 5 to 15

Our Japanese Cultural Camp is a fun, energetic and educational camp, unlike any other! Get your child immersed in Japanese Culture while training in the martial art of peace - Aikido. Your child will be kept active, occupied, and learning through our carefully curated programme...


Kids Warrior Camp

Ages 8 to 12

If you are looking for a fun and interesting camp for your kids, you may skip this camp. Kids Warrior Camp is a "High Energetic" camp that emphasises 5 values:



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My kids loved it here and have been begging me to go back.  They loved the outdoor terrace and the beautiful space to play.  So many opportunities for play and learning here.  The staff is so friendly.  Highly recommend.


Debbie Choi


Attended 2 events at Agora and my girls really enjoyed their day activities. They always have activities on school closure days and easy for me/parents to just drop to enjoy at Agora and spend a great day of shopping or watch movie at vivo. Great location. Reasonable price.


Nora Shukor